7apes - Tales Of Two Cities (BLOCK008)
7apes - Tales Of Two Cities (BLOCK008)
7apes - Tales Of Two Cities (BLOCK008)

7apes - Tales Of Two Cities (BLOCK008)

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These are the tales that I tell so well. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, the duality that lies within all of us. 7apes is captured in a society that won’t allow him to focus, one that is saturated with trials and tribulations. Bound to the structures of modern day madness, he’s forced to compromise over and over again. Fit in. Assimilate. Obey the conventions. Until now. These right here are the “Tales of Two Cities”, the catharsis of one human’s boundless love of music. The outpouring of creativity, fed by talent, intellectual freedom and exchange of knowledge. Urban Jazz sprung from classic Hip-Hop roots. The organic, the Neo, the Nu.

Salomon Appiah, better known by his stage name 7apes, has come a long way, from playing in heavy metal & rock bands during his countryside teens and full on pop compositions as an upcoming producer to being the jack of all trades in each and every session he joins in the Berlin studio landscape and beyond.

For 'Tales of Two Cities', 7apes has worked with like minded musical libertines Joha, Packed Rich, Quinte, the intern, DJ Werd, Dead Rabbit and vocalist extraordinaire Kromanteng. Each song is a jam of its own and yet, part of an entity. One that was built on solid ground. One that was built together. The Yin und Yang bleed through the music subconsciously. Subtle references to classics from Funk & Soul, Afrobeat and Reggae equilibrate the unknown. Samples and additional instrumentation merge seamlessly with one another. Freed from musical boundaries and full of creative experimentation, 7apes has created a cosmos of music that is speaking his musical mind, letting go of the outside world, zooming in on the sole beauty of sound.


A1 Monarch
A2 Deep Blue w/ Joha
A3 Brick & Steel
A4 The Ambassador w/ Quinte
A5 Slingshot
A6 Cave Of Wonders

B1 The Source w/ the intern
B2 Interstate
B3 Blow
B4 Hidden Joys w/ Packed Rich
B5 Black Caesar w/ Kromanteng & DJ Werd
B6 Tuscan Curfew w/ Dead Rabbit