7apes X Enaka - GRIPTAPE (BLOCK006)
7apes X Enaka - GRIPTAPE (BLOCK006)

7apes X Enaka - GRIPTAPE (BLOCK006)

Block Opera
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Release: 24.07.2020 // BLOCK006

There’s always been something magical about the soundtracks of the skate flicks you watched as a kid, and the music would echo in your head for days. 7apes and Enaka joined forces to provide the soundtrack for your next ripping session. „Brrrrr stick 'em, ha-ha-ha stick 'em“, that chant rings in your ears as you lock in for that crooked grind. Rattling drums meet crunchy ass basslines as you pop down that staircase. 

The beat halts as the world turns slo-mo while you catch that frontside flip half way through the air. Boom, landed, and the beat goes on, and on, and on. Everyone comes running up to you, screaming & shouting, the energy is at peak. 7apes and Enaka know that feeling oh too well. On GRIPTAPE, they’ve turned it into sound, a hundredfold. S-K-A-T-E. Let’s play.

Limited to 180 copies w/ inside-out print 

A1 City Of Angels
A2 Tanzanite ft. Nobodys Face
A3 Alameda
A4 Culver City ft. KUSO GVKI
A5 Nosebleed

B1 Leap Of Faith
B2 Rosemead
B3 The Cove
B4 Hunk
B5 Rowland Heights

Mixed & Mastered by Mathis "the intern" Peckedrath