Dal Bosco & König - Dead Lions (BLOCK009)
Dal Bosco & König - Dead Lions (BLOCK009)
Dal Bosco & König - Dead Lions (BLOCK009)

Dal Bosco & König - Dead Lions (BLOCK009)

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Dal Bosco & König orchestrate a secret agent crime story in 4 thrilling chapters. The two Munich natives and ooi-band members are fully set on analog tape, acoustic soundscapes, warm textures and melodic moogy wonkiness. And yet, the synthesized sound of the 80’s keeps sipping through and creates a symmetry of sound with the percussive appeal that is inherently present in the production style of the two live musicians.

A1 "Rope"
Miami. Life is good when you’re living so close to the sun. Last night’s party was a drift. The go-fast city seems suspiciously calm from out here on this sunny Sunday morning though. Whatever. Gentle surf makes me doze off again. I’m not ready to leave this boat. Not yet.

A2 "Edgar"
Edgar went missing. This just in. Tore me out of my dreams. And they chose me to find him. I’ve trained for this. Bootcamp like a madman, fast & furious. I’ll take the private jet to Mumbai later today.

A3 "Dead Lions"
Edgar a double agent? Naw. This makes no sense. Yet all evidence makes me doubt I ever knew this person in the first place. This scumbag. Makes me chase him around the globe just to find out he’s training goddamn lions in the soviet backlands to plan a coup against the president, aha. I need more information. This doesn’t add up. None of it does. None of this makes sense.

A4 "Outro"
Close. Too close. I know too much. Way too much. I gotta report back. But first, I gotta get back to civilization. I need a phone, food, a bath, sleep. Sleep. Why do my eyes feel so heavy all of a sudden, what’s happening? What was... in that drink? Zzzzz.