Nobodys Face - Beats Beim Drehen I & II (Bundle) (BLOCK005 + BLOCK007)

Nobodys Face - Beats Beim Drehen I & II (Bundle) (BLOCK005 + BLOCK007)

Block Opera
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Listen, exceed the conscious, submerge reality. Screw a concept of space and time, because life repeats itself, over and over again. Block Opera goes beyond the future, leaving the metaphors we live by behind. In 2019, Nobody’s Face’s premier instrumental album „Beats beim Drehen“ introduced the framework for ongoing collaborative productions in the beatmaking community.

Its sequel continues to paint the chef d'oeuvre. "Beats Beim Drehen II" is a technicolor experience, exuberant in each and every moment. Nobody’s Face has created thriving rhythms & mind expanding spheres of sound, spinning the wheel of fortune once again. All of a sudden, you become part of the inner circle, glancing at infinity.

Tracklist "Beats Beim Drehen I":

A1 Nobodys Daddy Part 1 (ft. Suff Daddy)
A2 Hi (ft. Farhot)
A3 The Beast
A4 Ape Theory (ft. 7apes)
A5 Acid
A6 Spanish Computer Virus
A7 Italiano

B8 R‘n‘B aus Lankwitz (ft. Torky Tork)
B9 Kiwi ft. BENDMA
B10 Nobodys Daddy Part 2 (ft. Suff Daddy)
B11 La Palma
B12 Bunny (ft. Dead Rabbit)
B13 Buzzard (ft. nomono)
B14 Goodbye (ft. Torky Tork)

Tracklist "Beats Beim Drehen II":

A1. Atlas Mira 
A2. Les Couleurs (ft. Josi Miller)
A3. Walk On A Weiher (ft. Torky Tork)
A4. Flying Lessons (ft. Cap Kendricks)
A5. Don’t You Know (ft. 7apes)

B6. Por Que (ft. Birds Of The West)
B7. The Green (ft. Dead Rabbit)
B8. The Badger (ft. DJ Piper)
B9. Athena 
B10. Sanary