Packed Rich - Elementals (BLOCK004)
Packed Rich - Elementals (BLOCK004)
Packed Rich - Elementals (BLOCK004)
Packed Rich - Elementals (BLOCK004)
Packed Rich - Elementals (BLOCK004)

Packed Rich - Elementals (BLOCK004)

Block Opera
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Release: 24.01.2020 // BLOCK004

In chemistry, an activated complex refers to a collection of intermediate structures in a chemical reaction that persist while bonds are breaking and new bonds are forming. In music, there’s an infinite number of combinations to make your heart bounce and your body rock. Packed Rich has found 16 of them. These are his Elementals.

At age 20, you don’t think twice, you just do. With every new track, this kid is headed into the next experiment, constantly stretching the boundaries of sound. „What if?… Let’s find out!“ With a clear staple in instrumental Hip Hop, he likes to explore other worlds, bring in some housy 4 to the floor vibes, throw in some wonk of a broken beat, or completely space out on some jazz improv, just to see what happens. Never at the cost of his natural organism of sound, though, that amalgamation of fuzz & texture, wobbling synths, and dreamy key soli.

Atoms collide, energy is set free, everything is in motion, nothing is ever predictable.

Limited to 300 copies w/ authentic inside out print

A1 Intro
A2 Of Air
A3 Oolong
A4 Bruxelles
A5 Cyclone
A6 Social Being
A7 Illusions
A8 Of Water

B1 Nebulous
B2 Of Earth
B3 Dragonfly
B4 Of Fire
B5 Sticky
B6 Nova Skit
B7 Coral
B8 Lovely